Where do lost socks go?

by Sarah Anderson on Feb 22, 2019

Where do lost socks go?

Where Do Lost Socks Go?

Life started for Argie on a beautifully sunny day. At the time, Argie was a fresh, soft puff of cotton, sitting on cotton plant waiting to be chosen to embark on the next step of his life journey. It was one of those days that might have been just a touch too warm if it wasn’t for the breeze drifting through the day, making it the most delightful day to be outside.

When he finally got chosen to become a sock, Argie couldn’t have been more thrilled. He was twisted and twirled and given a color and eventually found himself woven into a pretty cool argyle sock. Things were looking good.

Although he didn’t think it was possible, Argie found his life to be even more pleasant once he was joined with another sock, becoming one half of a pair of beautiful navy and pink men’s argyle socks. Being a pair of argyle socks suited Argie quite well. The argyle socks were, afterall, the perfect compliment to all of their owner’s outfits.

Of course, the socks were washed quite frequently as they held the title of “lucky pair of argyle socks” and were highly in demand. They were used to mixing with other clothes in the washer, drying out as a community, thrown in the laundry basket and eventually reunited and placed in the sock drawer. Today was season change day, when clothes that were no longer in season got packed up and put in storage for a few months. Argie didn’t have to worry about today, as he was part of a pair of men’s argyle socks and was perfect for every season. He never needed to be put away for very long.

It was “winter put away day”, so the clean laundry sat next to the heavy sweaters that were about to finally disappear after a long winter. To this day, he’s still not sure how he found himself away from pair and sitting right by one of those sweaters. Maybe he was a little chilly? Maybe he just wasn’t paying attention? It happened pretty quickly. One minute Argie was on the bed and the next, he was swept up and placed in the storage bin.

Being carried away from his pair wasn’t as traumatic as you’d think. In fact, Argie wasn’t even looking back as he embarked on his new adventure. Where was he going to go? How is storage life? Would he nap all day and night? Is it nice to have all fun and no worn? Would he get cabin fever?

The first few days and nights were, in a word, cozy. The storage bin had been placed in an extra closet. Argie found a spot between a cashmere sweater and a nice, thick wool sweater. They were pretty quiet, and Argie didn’t really mind. He got in lots of rest and daydreams. After a few more days, Argie began to miss his life as half of a pair of socks. He wondered what the other socks might be up to. Were they being worn? What kind of adventures were they going on? A few more days later, Argie was beginning to get a little antsy. He knew the weather was getting better and the golf course would soon be calling his owner. He wanted to be there to help his owner on the green.

Luckily for Argie, his owner had been searching long and hard for him. Everything from the washing machine to the cat had been blamed for his disappearance, when finally it dawned on his owner to check the storage bin. The closet door opened, the lid was lifted and finally Argie was carried to freedom.

Upon his return to the sock drawer, Argie found out that his owner had invested in even more argyle socks. He had never found himself in such good company. There were so many fun socks he almost couldn’t believe this was his home. There were beautiful, rich burgundy argyle socks, more reserved but still handsome gray, raspberry, orange, teal and purple argyle socks. Argie was so happy his owner found so many great pairs of argyle socks. He knew that they, too, were lucky socks.

Another wonderful surprise and addition to his life was a woman who was suddenly hanging out with them now, and guess what? She, too, wore a pair of lucky argyle socks.

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