Top 10 Groom and Groomsmen Socks for 2021

by Ryan Roff on Jan 11, 2021

Top 10 Groom and Groomsmen Socks for 2021

Top 10 Groom and Groomsmen Socks for 2021

Your Wedding Sock Guide for the Year

Finding the perfect groomsmen gift is tricky.

Do you look for the perfect gift that your groomsmen will remember forever? Should it coordinate with your wedding theme? What if your friends already have every traditional groomsmen gift like a flask, hatchet, monogrammed mug, knife, watch, golf accessories, leather bag and even a poker set? Or worse yet, what if they have multiples of each?

The truth is, a lot of groomsmen gifts follow the same formula: find a manly gift and customize it with a name, date or monogram.

Some of the gifts end up being a home run and some end up being a throw away item that ends up in a box in the basement. If you are able to hit a home run, congratulations, you’re probably one of the first guys in your friend group to get married and you thoughtfully purchased a high quality gift or set. Nice work. Most often, however, it is easier to miss big by spending way too much on a gift that lacked the punch you were hoping for. A swing and a miss probably had less to do with the sentiment behind the gift, but rather the limited assortment of unique gifts for guys and the angle by which you approached the process.

So where should you start when looking for a wedding gift for your wedding party?

We recommend starting with a piece of attire that will be worn or used on the wedding day. By leading with items like socks, ties, bow ties, belts, pocket squares, or even shoes, you can guarantee everyone will be coordinated for the day and get at least one good use out of it, if not hundreds more. While we don’t sell belts, shoes and pocket squares (yet), we do have an incredible selection of wedding kits and personalized groomsmen gifts that are sure to get everyone pumped about the big day.

Our Top 10 Groomsmen Socks for 2021:

Wedding Vow Socks

As we like to say, nothing magnifies a word and cements forever like putting your vows on a pair of custom socks. Not only is it a sweet gesture on your wedding day, it is an ongoing reminder every time you pull these wedding vow socks out of the drawer of the promises shared for a lifetime. Add a poem, a vow or a thoughtful note that will certainly keep them from getting cold feet. In addition, we will be rolling out more colors this year besides blossom and champagne, so if you have a special request, let us know at

Sweet Sentiment Custom Note Socks

Custom Face Groomsmen Hero Socks

One of the most fun socks we rolled out in 2020, these groomsmen socks show off the superhuman strength of your closest friends. Put each groomsmen in a matching location (church, city or bridge) with a different pose or put the whole crew on a single sock. Either way, you will have the strength of your superhero friends guiding you through one of life’s boldest steps. Score big with these as a groomsmen gift that is sure to make your friends smile.

Custom Face Groomsmen Hero Socks

Burgundy Mustache Sock Kits

One of the most popular socks of 2020, our burgundy navy mustache socks combine the sophistication of a thoughtfully crafted novelty sock with one of the most popular wedding colors of the past 3 years: burgundy. This wedding sock is one of our best sellers so when we combine it with a perfectly matched bow tie, this set becomes the perfect groomsmen gift. We even give you the gift bag and tissue paper to make your job a little easier. Get it while it lasts because this sock consistently sells out every few months.

Burgundy Navy Mustache Groomsmen Kit

Lilac and Iris Dress Socks

As the leader in groomsmen socks, we are constantly growing our collection of wedding socks. Every year we add new colors and styles to the mix. One of our favorite trends of the past few years has been mixing colors with the same or similar shades of a popular wedding theme. We have several designs that feature lilac (light purple) and iris (a slightly darker shade of purple) and even have an option in our junior groomsmen socks. Coordinate the groom, groomsmen, ushers and even junior groomsmen, each in unique designs but with the same color scheme.

Lilac Iris Groomsmen Socks

Coral Crab Groomsmen Socks

For years, coral has been a popular wedding color, but with the sudden surge of outdoor weddings, these beach friendly dress socks have grown in popularity. We offer them in men’s, women’s and XL so you can give them as a groomsmen gift, with or without the tie and bow tie, and get the ladies matching as well. Novelty socks continue to be a popular option for wedding couples looking to incorporate a wedding theme beyond just a color.

Coral Crab Groomsmen Socks

Bride and Groom Custom Face Socks

Giving a gift to the groom is a sweet, thoughtful way to show him you are thinking about him on your big day. In 2020, we rolled out three awesome bride and groom custom face socks: Custom Face Wedding Topper Socks, Custom Face First Dance Socks and Custom Face Just Married Socks. Each sock allows you to put your faces on a sock, together. These wedding socks make for a great his/her gift to wear on the honeymoon or for him to wear down the aisle and show off during pictures.

Custom Face Just Married Socks

Flamingo Petal Pink Groomsmen Socks with Custom Prints

Undoubtedly one of our favorite socks, these heathered navy, flamingo and petal pink socks perfectly match navy suits, add the perfect pop of pink, and are extraordinarily comfortable. Did we mention that they also help provide 100 days of clean water with every purchase? Yeah, these socks do everything and they are even customizable. Print a date, monogram or text directly on to the socks or add a custom label to ask each of your groomsmen to join your wedding party.

Flamingo Petal Pink Navy Argyle Wedding Socks

Matching Mint Argyle Wedding Socks

Sometimes it is fun to mix and match patterns and other times you just want a simple, elegant look that coordinates perfectly with your wedding colors. Our Argyle Mint Groomsmen Socks provide a great opportunity to look sharp and have the entire crew matching. We have these socks in a junior groomsmen size, a women’s size, a standard men’s size and an extra large size. Essentially, we’ve got you covered with just about every size of socks your groomsmen and ushers might ever need.

Mint Gray Argyle Wedding Socks

Polka Dot Wedding Socks in All Colors

If you have a bright, spring or summer wedding planned, choosing an array of polka dot colors or solid colors can be a great way to accent your colorful theme. Our polka dot wedding socks create a great spectrum of similar colors. Put each guy in a unique sock color to give every picture a pop of color and make sure they hike up their pants every once in a while to show off these super comfortable wedding socks. If these colors aren’t what you need, you can make-your-own polka dot sock with our custom knit builder.

Polka Dot Wedding Socks

Wine Burgundy Gray Argyle Wedding Socks

Burgundy is trending, but wine burgundy, a slightly darker version of traditional burgundy and a David’s Bridal exact color match, is definitely on the rise. It is rich, elegant and pairs perfectly with gray suits and tuxedos (also on the rise). Take your pick of our standard men’s size or for the bigger guys in your life, these dress socks also come in extra large. If you are looking for classic style in groomsmen socks, look no further. These also come in our groomsmen gift kits with the bags and tissue paper.

Wine Burgundy Gray Argyle Wedding Socks

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