The Declaration of Independence...Day Socks

by Sarah Anderson on Jun 27, 2019

Patriotic Socks

The Declaration of Independence...Day Socks

Summer is the time to kick your bold-socks-wearing feet back and relax. It’s the time we get together with old friends and venture out to make new friends. We toss a lot of our worries to the wind and start enjoying all the tiny moments of bliss the summer sun brings us. We attend festivals, run for the beach, take our lunches and dinners outside and soak up every ounce of it.

Reveling in this feeling of freedom the warm breeze brings us, it’s only natural to begin to feel some extra love for the place we came from. We stake our flags right in our lawn and look forward to the summer holidays that celebrate our country. Based in America, our boldSOCKS staff wears red, white and blue all too well. We know patriotic socks and have your feet covered, no matter which type of patriotic theme you’re going for. Not sure where to start? We put together four summer sock looks you can emulate all summer long.

Red, white and blue while you’re havin’ a brew.

This summer look is all about stylishly sporting your country’s colors while you crack open a cold one. It’s the combination of two great loves and the culmination of an ideal American summer.

Modern American Flag Socks

A crisp twist on a classic emblem of freedom, these patriotic socks are the number one choice for a cool Fourth of July party or a relaxing summer day.

Rustic American Flag Socks

These are the socks to reach for if you want to show your patriotic side in a form that’s a little more subtle and classic. You could even pair these socks with a suit for a more formal affair where you still want to show your patriotic flair.

Hops Socks

The flowery plant used to make beer taste bitter, hops are now a symbol of a fine beer and an even finer time enjoying it. These festive socks shout, “I’m here for a dignified, wonderful time with great tasting beer!”

Hops Socks

The flowery plant used to make beer taste bitter, hops are now a symbol of a fine beer and an even finer time enjoying it. These festive socks shout, “I’m here for a dignified, wonderful time with great tasting beer!”

Drinkin’ with Lincoln (and all his famous friends)

This look proves that you can show your love for your country without wearing its flag. Donning your country’s historical figures and heroes is a standout way to show your pride and style. This look celebrates America’s past presidents and founding fathers, who undoubtedly hoped their likeness would one day appear on novelty socks. When you rock your heroes, channel their bold moves and mindset and decide to be the change you want to see in the world.

George Washington Socks

Our very first president, George Washington has long since been regarded as an American hero. He led our country through many bold endeavors, so let these patriotic socks inspire your American pride and greatest adventures.

Abraham Lincoln Socks

Past president Abe Lincoln had humble beginnings and persisted through them to become one of the most well-known presidents of the United States. Known for his honesty and courage for standing up for what is right, channel your inner Abe with these Abraham Lincoln socks and find bravery in truth-telling and speaking out.

Uncle Sam and Rosie the Riveter, of course! Channel this power duo with these playful panda socks to show off and advertise your patriotic pride this summer.

Uncle Sam I Want Bamboo Socks

A poster used to recruit during World War I, the likeness of Uncle Sam has served as a symbol of American patriotism for decades. These silly Uncle Sam propo-panda socks are a playful nod to our American sense of pride and sense of humor.

Rosie the Riveter Socks

A great reminder that you can do anything you set your mind to, let these Rosie the Riveter propo-panda socks inspire you to roll up your sleeves, show off your muscles and get the job done.

Treason is the Reason for the Season

...but that doesn’t mean you should separate from your friends. Sure, the Fourth of July parties are truly celebrating a group of bold individuals who had had enough, wanted to make their own rules and go their own way and decided to try out running a country for themselves. We love that and wholeheartedly support difference makers and agents of change. Grab all of your boldest friends and have a Fourth of July party as wild as the first one (but still responsible of course). This summer look is all about enjoying the best parts of summer gatherings.

Hot Dog Socks

Nothing says summer like enjoying a good dog with your friends. Whether you like chili, ketchup, mustard, pickles or all of the above, these hot dog socks will have you enjoying this fan favorite meal in style.

Firework Socks

Nothing says summer like ending the celebration with a bang. While you’re watching the fireworks light up the sky, light up the ground with these fun and festive firework socks.

Can’t get enough of these patriotic socks? Check out our entire collection here.

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