Men’s Style Guide: 6 Simple Style Tricks to Look Smarter and Dress Sharper

by Kourtney Millard on Jun 12, 2019

Men's Style Guide

Men’s Style Guide: 6 Simple Style Tricks to Look Smarter and Dress Sharper

Fashion is a big part of life whether we pay attention to it or not. It is something that is incredibly personal, distinctive and is shaped by cultural and social factors, style trends and individual expression. Fashion is a creative medium — it’s influential and powerful. It has the ability to transform the way we move through the world as well as how the world perceives us. Fashion is our own artistic freedom of expression and can be used to convey or represent different aspects of our identity and who we are.

However, fashion can also pose a challenge to many of us. Maybe you’re currently struggling with feeling like you’re not where you want to be with your style or are in the middle of trying to recreate your own personal image. And there’s nothing wrong with that. We naturally go through life in phases — and with change comes new opportunities to remarket ourselves in exciting ways that make us feel empowered and rejuvenated. If lately, you’ve been feeling like you need a redo in the fashion department of your life, no worries. We talked to men’s style experts and compiled a list of six different ways you can work to recreate your style in the most authentic way that speaks to you.

Tailored pants

1. Tailor your pants.

The way you choose to wear your pants conveys a lot about who you are and what you want to show the world. Being mindful of how your pants fit is an essential part of dressing for success and looking great since it is something that people typically notice right away.

We talked with men’s image consultant Patrick Kenger, owner of who said: “Most men are wearing pants that are far too long. This leads to excess fabric near the ankle and shortens the appearance of their leg.” Kenger clued us into how men can better style their pants in a more appealing way and draw positive attention to their outfit. “This is an easy and affordable fix at a tailor. For most men, a half-break in their trousers will look great,” he advised.

Plain t-shirt

2. Keep it simple.

There’s much to be said about the power of a plain t-shirt. It’s simple, classic and can be layered easily with a cool jacket or blazer and paired with a few eye-catching accessories like a fancy watch. Make sure to get the right fit for yourself — too baggy or too tight will immediately throw off the look you’re going for. Adding a few plain t-shirts to your wardrobe will also help you appear more mature and get taken more seriously.

“Plain t-shirts will always look more fashionable and pair better than a shirt with a lot of business on the front,” said Kenger. Typically, shirts with lots of graphics and logos are targeted towards a younger demographic, so if you’re looking to step up and refine your maturity and sophistication, Kenger says that plain t-shirts are the way to go.

Button up shirt
3. Differentiate dress shirts and button ups.

Not all dress shirts and button ups are alike.

“There are certain shirts that are meant to be tucked. A shirt with long, rounded tails is meant to be tucked in and you'll look strange if you leave it out. If you're going to wear your long sleeve shirts untucked, look for ones that are specifically made to do so,” suggested Kenger.

There are plenty of dress shirts that look good untucked if you’re going for a more casual or sporty look, but make sure to know which ones to wear that way. Certain button ups are definitely meant for more formal occasions and to be tucked in and worn in a professional or dressy manner.

Men's tie

4. Pay attention to the little details.

Along with the actual clothes you’re wearing, it’s also the little things that count when it comes to fashion. Sometimes the small details of the outfit can really tie it all together and help you make the statement you want to make.

"Fashionable details which can go overlooked are sometimes the smallest things which can really make a difference in an outfit. These can include a tie bar when wearing a tie. This can draw the eye towards the tie, and adds that touch of elegance to your outfit,” informed men’s style expert Michael Adams of

Paying attention to details like ties, accessories and footwear can sometimes make all the difference in putting your best style forward.

Pocket square
5. Pocket squares will help set you apart.

"Another item which can go overlooked is a pocket square. This can really set you apart from other men, and with a large number of styles available it can really show off your personality,” remarked Adams.

Some men don’t think of or acknowledge pocket squares as an option because they’re not always talked about and are in some ways still seen as foreign territory. However, adding this small detail to any suit can make a big difference in how we view men’s formal attire and contributes a whole lot of class to any outfit.

Men's funky socks

6. Don’t forget to add some funky socks.

It’s true, socks are the latest fashion statement. While recreating your style and living your best life with your new and improved wardrobe, it’s imperative not to forget one very important detail — socks. A pair of awesome socks can make any outfit ten times better and help perfectly capture and showcase your personality. Who says you have to match your socks to the color of your outfit? Or keep them neutral and boring? Maybe instead, you’re an adventurous dresser who’s looking to make a bold statement and spice up your everyday outfits by adding a vibrant pop of color or a wild pattern.

Bring any casual or business outfit to the next level by incorporating a flashy pair of socks that will turn heads and are guaranteed to leave a memorable impression. Whether you’re a classic argyle guy or someone who prefers unique, custom designs — socks are one of the best items to integrate into any stylish wardrobe and make you appear like the fashion expert you’ve always dreamed of becoming.

Do you have any other fashion tips or great ideas for us? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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