Finding Love, Choosing Wedding Socks and Building a Life

by Sarah Anderson on Mar 18, 2019

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Finding Love, Choosing Wedding Socks and Building a Life: Meet the Hantsons

Amy and Arne (pronounced ar-na) Hantson are a true 21st-century fairy tale from Natick, Massachusetts. Going on four years together, the pair originally met online. They enjoyed their first date at a restaurant called Garcia Brogan’s, which would eventually be the namesake of their Golden Retriever puppy. Amy and Arne chose boldSOCKS as their wedding socks for their big day, making them part of our bold family. We decided to catch up with them to share their story, wedding planning tips and find out what they’re up to today!

How did you two meet?

We met on Tinder! #successstory

Wedding Socks- Hantson Wedding Engagement Photo

When did you know you were dating "the one"?

The first time he met my mom he drove around town looking for a lavender plant because he knew she loves the smell of lavender. Even though they were out of season he managed to find one at Home Depot!

Tell us about the proposal.

It was our one year anniversary. He made me a scrapbook of pictures and memorabilia he had collected from the year. In the very back where there was a CD slot he had slipped the ring in. When I got to it I didn’t even see it because on the opposite page was pictures of our dog that I was oohing and ahhing at. When I finally noticed it he got down on one knee and claims he said “the most beautiful words” but neither of us really remember what was said.

How long did you plan for your wedding?

We got married 2 years and 1 day after the proposal.

"Once I had picked the bridesmaid dresses I knew I wanted the guys to have a tie and socks that matched."

When planning your wedding, what were some things that were important to you?

Open bar and good music!

Were you working with a budget? If so, what were some things that you felt comfortable spending more on and what were some things that you wanted to save money on?

I made all our centerpieces more so because I’m a control freak and less because of the money. We felt the money was well spent on the things we thought made the day more enjoyable for our guests such as the food, drinks and music. We also made a charitable donation instead of having favors.

Wedding Socks- Hantson Wedding With Dog

Tell me about your decision to purchase groomsmen socks?

Once I had picked the bridesmaid dresses I knew I wanted the guys to have a tie and socks that matched.

How did you choose what pattern and color?

I scoured the internet for socks that had mint green in them. It’s a tricky color to match because there are so many shades but the ones we got were perfect!

How did the groomsmen socks impact your day, pictures, and/or overall look?

Even though you don’t see them much, it was nice to have the pop of color when the guys walked and sat down. It was also nice to have uniformity.

Were there any other details that you would recommend other couples plan for?

Always have a backup rain location that you’re just as excited about. We planned for an outdoor wedding but our backup spot was this awesome room that was underground and had a dome-shaped skylight. It was beautiful and since it ended up being bad weather I was so glad we had picked that venue! A lot of the other venues had beautiful outdoor spots and dark, dingy indoor options.

What was your favorite part of your wedding day?

His favorite part was our first look and mine was hearing his homemade vows!

If you were to do it over again, would you change anything? If so, what?

Nope! Can we do it again?!

What is your favorite thing about being married?

We are currently expecting our first baby and sharing this experience has been pretty awesome!

Wedding Socks- Hantson Wedding

Amy and Arne found true love in one another and they also found the perfect pair of socks to suit their groomsmen up with. Explore our wedding sock collection here.

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Wedding Photo by Roger Dubuque Photography

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