15 Small Steps You Can Make to Go Greener

by Sarah Anderson on Apr 19, 2019

Ways You Can Go Greener

15 Small Steps You Can Make to Go Greener

Being kinder to our planet is surprisingly very easy! With a few minor lifestyle adjustments, you should be on your way to living a greener life and reducing your environmental impact. In honor of Earth Day, we compiled a list of our favorite ways to go just a little bit greener.

Shop Your Local Farmer’s Market

If you’re able to, buying fruits and vegetables at a local farmer’s market cuts down on transportation emissions/costs. Also, for an added bonus of goodness, this practice can help support local honey bees, which will ultimately help decrease the decline of honey bees nationally.

Bring Bags

Keep reusable bags on hand as often as you can. That way, when you remember you need to quick pop by the store for something, you will already be prepared and you won’t need to keep on bringing home bags you need to dispose of.

Grow Your Own

Try to be as self-sustainable as possible when you have the chance! This summer, roll up your sleeves and pull out your gardening gloves and start growing some of the fresh produce you typically buy.

Eat Less Meat

In the spirit of using the fresh fruits and veggies, you just got at the farmer’s market or grew in your garden, rethink the way you eat. Not every meal needs to include meat. Get creative with your plant options and you might find yourself not even missing it!


One of the easiest tips on the list, and probably something you want to do anyway. You can free your mailbox of the junk mail sent to you and drastically reduce unnecessary use of paper products. This website will help!

Start Buying Second-Hand

Discover the joy of thrifting and stop contributing to the cycle of “buy, use, throw away, buy again”. Keep a list of the things you need and start frequenting thrift shops, consignment shops and checking out Facebook Marketplace. Keep your eye out for items that are made well and have a high-quality design. Most of the time, all those items need is a bit of love to appear beautiful and brand new again.

Bring Your Lunch to Work

Besides being friendly to your budget, this option saves on the packaging waste that comes with a lunchtime meal delivery. Buy some good glass lunch containers and schedule some time the night before to make your lunch. You’ll be surprised at how much money this will save you, how much healthier you will eat and how much you’ll be decreasing your environmental footprint by decreasing that packaging waste.


Learn to see the beauty in the things you own and instead of throwing them to the curb to buy new, find ways to breathe new life into an existing item. Reupholster, repaint or reimagine things!

Ride, Walk or Bike to Work

Reduce your fuel consumption and vehicle emissions by opting to carpool, use public transit, bike or even walk to work! Added bonus: you’ll find yourself more connected to nature and your community as you’re out in it more.


Instead of throwing away scraps from fruits and vegetables, consider composting them! This infographic gives a basic how-to for beginners! If you’re low on space or not in the market for good, composted soil, check in with your local resources. Many communities offer compost pick up or a place for you to drop your compost off.

Borrow More

It’s really tempting to go out and just buy whatever it is you need for that one-time event or project, but tap your network to see if one of your friends might already own whatever it is you need. You’ll save money and waste! Just be sure to return items in a timely manner so your friends can continue to support your borrowing practices.

Get Craftier with Your Gift Wrapping

You don’t have to choose throw-away products to wrap a gift in! Opt instead for a reusable tote, a mug, a bowl, a glass or even a pair of socks! The possibilities are endless, the recipient will enjoy a two-for-one and you will increase your reputation as an awesome gift-giver.

Draft-Proof and Insulate Windows and Doors

Save some energy when the temperatures start to drop by draft proofing your house. Buy draft guards for under your door or install a draft-proofing strip at the top or bottom of your doorway. Seal up your windows with a transparent window insulation kit, which contains recyclable plastic. You’ll be warmer all season, your heating bill will be lower and your energy usage will decline.

Switch to Cold Water in Your Wash

Cleaning your clothes in cold water is actually better along every front. It saves energy, helps your clothes last longer and can help remove more stains than warmer water. It’s still recommended to wash in hot water when germs or bacteria are a concern, but other than that, you’ll enjoy washing your clothes in cold for most of your laundry loads!

Take Electronic Notes

Instead of jotting things down on paper, take notes with your phone, computer, iPad, etc. Having notes electronically helps reduce paper waste, keeps you more organized and keeps your notes safe from being misplaced. You’ll look smarter from every perspective.

boldSOCKS’ Commitment to You

As a company, boldSOCKS strives to leave a lasting positive impact through renewable packaging, recycling practices and a thorough evaluation of all of our suppliers. Our daily efforts are focused on the on-going process of becoming green. As we realize our own impact on the world and grow as a company, we continue to grow our research and efforts towards that endeavor.

All of our shipping bags and boxes are made from recycled materials. We also made simple changes to how we showcased our socks, reducing packing output by 59%. It is our passion and our commitment to you to constantly take bold strides toward better.

What’s Your Top Tip?

We want to hear from you! In the comments below, let us know your best secret to going greener!

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