A Letter of Gratitude

by Ryan Roff on Nov 10, 2020

A Letter of Gratitude

A Letter of Gratitude

In a season such as this, it is easy to lose sight of gratitude.

Each new gust of wind in 2020 brings about a changing emotion or landscape that feels disorienting. At times, it scares us not knowing what our future holds or what tomorrow will bring, and at other times it brings us closer as we navigate a new reality and a new normal. It certainly hasn’t been easy, and it certainly won’t get better over night, but today, we choose to be grateful for the times this year that the sun has broken through the clouds and glimmers of hope have appeared. We choose to be grateful for the good moments and the people that have helped challenge us, support us and give us promise of a better tomorrow.

Today, we choose to be grateful for YOU, because, truly, we couldn’t have made it through this year without you.

Our story, like so many small businesses in 2020, has seen its ups and downs. In the spring, we closed our offices and temporarily turned off our business as we tried to sort through executive orders and essential tasks. We saw protests outside of our offices following the death of George Floyd and the redemptive beauty that followed. We saw grace from vendors, partners and customers as we tried to endure unique hardships. We saw employees move on to new endeavors and our team shift around roles in a pandemic year.

And through it all, you remained. You continued to support our business, and because of your support, we continued to make an impact, together.

We continued to provide clean water through our partnership with 20 Liters in places like Rwanda. We continued to ethically manufacture our socks in places like Colombia and even added ethical partners here in the United States. We continued to curate only the best brands that support our vision of ethics, impact and quality. And, we continued to be a community of bold difference makers that value people over profits.

For all this, we are so thankful for your support. You give us hope. You give us inspiration to continue to do what we love and how we love to do it.

We wish you and your loved ones grace and peace during this season.

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