No Show Socks: Half the Height, Just as Necessary

by Eric Pringle on Aug 29, 2017

No Show Socks: Half the Height, Just as Necessary

No Show Socks: Half the Height, Just as Necessary

It’s time. The coats can be packed up, the boots thrown in the basement not to be seen or heard from for another 6 months. As the days get longer, the weather gets hotter, your social calendar fires up and your style can finally get cooler. Throw on a pair of shorts. Pull out your favorite T-shirt. Fish out your sunglasses from whatever drawer they’ve been hiding in and protect your eyes from that glorious sun you’ve been waiting for for so, so long. Get ready for bonfires, bike rides, summer love (old or new) and long days laying by the water. Pack your sunscreen so you can enjoy the feel of the hot sun hitting your skin and always be prepared at any moment to stop for a cool drink at a patio bar.

Throw on your loafers as you walk out into the world that has turned into a playground full of summer adventures that await. Hold on, though! Don’t forget the most important part of your look; no show socks. No show socks are the essential ingredient for a cool summer wardrobe. The last thing you want is to be a victim of "sockless shoe syndrome". Nobody wants to be that guy.

Imagine, you're out for a sunny day with friends at the park, the beach or on the boat. A golden sun is setting behind the water line into a beautiful pink and purple sky. The magic of the day is still swirling through the air, hinting at the magic of a summer evening spent with friends to come. Your friends feel it, too, declaring the night far from over. So off to a friend's house you go! It is naturally a "no shoes house" and everyone kicks them off at the door. You enjoy some snacks, a summer cocktail and friendly chatter about memories from the past and plans to be had this coming summer. The meal is ready and you all sit down to share a meal.

About midway through dinner, you become aware. It rises past the potato and egg salad and overpowers even the fresh grilled bratwurst. Your host complains that the brats were bought fresh that morning. You tuck your feet under your chair hoping no one else will notice. Your friend says something about the dog getting into something. Every alarm of social faux pas sounds in your mind. It's your shoes. You didn't wear your boldSOCKS no show socks today. You chose to forgo your no show socks and you slid those loafers on with bare feet that sat and sweat inside the walls of those shoes all day long. The dog is quickly exiled from the house bearing all blame on account of you. Your cover is blown. The girl you have been nervous to talk to all day -- the one you have seen glancing your way -- puts her cute little finger up to her nose and looks you directly in the eye.

Are her eyes tearing up? Does she know? Does she know it's you? She knows. In the space of one sockless, shoeless dinner, all the sushi dates, all the ringing wedding bells, the house, the kids, the long illustrious career of coaching little league -- it all evaporate as smoke in the wind. You know it. You knew it. That morning when you told yourself you would be just fine, threw your shoes on and ran out the door... You should have worn boldSOCKS no show socks.

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