Celebrate Water Quality Month this August and Enjoy a Clean Summer.

by Kourtney Millard on Jul 31, 2019

Water Quality Month

Celebrate Water Quality Month this August and Enjoy a Clean Summer.

When it comes to summer, we love to spend time outdoors soaking up the sun and enjoying various types of water activities to help stay cool and comfortable in the sweltering heat. Pool parties, beach days and water parks consume summer’s joyful, carefree days as the longing for memories of laughter and excitement to never fade sets in.

There are many reasons to love summer and Water Quality Month is one of them! That’s right, every August is Water Quality Month. The month-long committment to education and action was created by the EPA, or Environmental Protection Agency, to build awareness around how to protect our waterways. Water pollution is a major problem in today’s world and impacts sanitation, human rights, sustainability, and economic growth.

Bodies of water across the country are being threatened by increasing water pollution and many people are unaware of the subtle and significant ways they take part in that pollution process. The Clean Water Act was passed in 1972 which established goals of eliminating the release of high amounts of toxic substances into water and ensuring that surface waters meet national water quality criteria recommendations. However, access to clean water throughout national parks and other areas across the country remains an ongoing and prevalent issue. “Unfortunately, 207 of our 397 national parks — 52 percent — have waterways that are considered ‘impaired’ under the Clean Water Act, meaning they do not meet appropriate water quality standards,” remarked Sarah Gaines Barmeyer in her article: Focus on Water: Celebrating National Water Quality Month.

It’s imperative that we’re not only aware of the current water crisis in our world but work to take action in our own homes and communities in order to prevent water pollution collectively. The time is now to take action and focus on prioritizing the quality of our water sources so that everyone can enjoy a safe, clean and fun summer. A month dedicated to preserving and protecting our freshwater sources? Even more of a reason to celebrate the euphoria of your favorite season!

Water Quality Month Hydrant

Here are some things individuals and families can do in their own homes to prevent water pollution — not just during this month, but all year round.

1. Reduce the use of antibacterial soaps and cleaning products.

Many of these products contain a pesticide that is known to harm aquatic life. The American Medical Association warns that antibacterial agents may lead to “superbugs” that become antibiotic resistant. Regular soap and water kills germs just as effectively.

2. Avoid using pesticides and chemical fertilizers and dispose of pollutants properly.

Things like used motor oil, detergents, fertilizers, pesticides and other contaminants get carried by stormwater to local waterways and cause harm. Recycle contaminants at a waste plant to prevent them from entering water supply.

3. Pick up pet waste.

Feces from your pet contains harmful disease-causing bacteria. Like other contaminants, pet waste can also run down storm drains, spreading bacteria into water sources. The best way to take care of animal waste is to either flush it or put it in the garbage.

4. Wash the car on the lawn.

Certain soaps and detergents used to wash cars contain chemicals that can be detrimental to our water sources. By washing your car on the grass, these chemicals will go directly into the ground instead of running into storm drains and negatively impacting our lakes and rivers.

5. Have your water tested by a professional and read your local water quality report.

Stay informed about the quality of water in your area at all times by making sure you receive your annual water quality report from your water provider. You can call your local water provider and ask for a copy to be sent to you directly.


Water Quality Month 2

boldSOCKS Helps Get Clean Water to The Most Affected Communities

In 2014, we started our own sock brand to provide sustainable funding to one of the world’s greatest crises of our time, dirty water. We committed to helping to provide 100 days of clean water for an individual in Africa with every purchase of Statement Sockwear. Why clean water? Unlike the one-to-one donation models that provide a donation of products for every product sold, clean water provides, on average, a sevenfold return on investment. Instead of creating dependencies on charity goods, we create opportunity by caring for basic needs so people can focus on starting businesses and growing economies, not shrinking them.

We partnered with 20 Liters to make this dream possible. So far, we have provided almost 40 million days of clean water to communities who have to walk to collect water that oftentimes is infected and leads to sickness and even death.

For the month of August, we are doubling our water donation for all water droplet socks sold! That means for every pair purchaed, we will donate 200 days of clean water to an individual in Africa! Shop the men's water droplet socks and the women's water droplet socks to celebrate National Water Quality Month in style.

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