Custom Socks




When we first started manufacturing socks in 2014, we learned our lesson, often times the hard way, that it is difficult to create custom socks and designs. Wrong colors, high minimums and long lead times meant missed sales and mistakes, lots of them. We spent our time and resources refining the process over and over. Customer feedback and our drive to create the best socks helped us master the art and engineering of custom socks. We built a brand, developed quality standards with each of the brands we sell on and now we’re offering custom socks with the same high standards.

So what does that look like? Since every process is different, we’ve broken it down for you by category.

  • Custom Dress Socks
  • Custom Performance Socks
  • Custom Face Socks
  • Personalized Socks


For our custom dress socks, we manufacture in both the USA and Colombia.

For our smaller orders, we produce them here in America to help provide local jobs, ensure the highest possible quality standards and streamline the process to get you your order quickly. It is a buttoned-up approach that eliminates any potential guesswork or mistakes. The colors and processes are all standardized so your design quickly moves from concept to manufacturing. Each pair is inspected and evaluated before leaving our facilities and you can trust it will arrive looking like the socks you designed on our website.

For our larger batch orders, we manufacture in Colombia. Colombia offers unparalleled quality and an efficient, vertically integrated supply chain. Extra soft, combed cotton is pulled and spun into strong yarns that are then dyed to perfectly match your specific color choices providing greater flexibility and comfort. Each sock features a reinforced heel and toe that helps increase longevity in the areas most prone to fail. Like in the USA, each pair is carefully inspected and evaluated before being shipped.


Custom athletic socks should be thoughtfully engineered to not only provide a comfortable experience, but also withstand the constant wear and tear of some of the most intense sports. For that reason, we partnered with a manufacturer in the USA that has been creating custom athletic socks for over 20 years. Time and ongoing iterations have a way of perfecting designs. Like custom dress socks, the designs, colors and yarns are all standardized so your design moves quickly through the process and is inspected at each step along the way. You can have your custom athletic socks ready for the season with our quick turnaround times and ensure they last through the final whistle.


There are two processes commonly used to make face socks and photo socks: sublimation and rotary printing.We use a rotary printer to customize all our socks. We have a state-of-the-art printer that lays down a reactive ink deep into the fibers of the sock. It prints a line of ink onto a polyester sock stretched on a tube and slowly rotates the sock, one line at a time, until it is fully printed. The reactive ink then cures in a dryer making the inks both vibrant and wash-resistant. The polyester socks are made in Colombia using an ethical, vertically integrated supply chain. Each pair has a reinforced heel and toe as well as arch support, making it a comfortable, one-of-a-kind sock.The most common process, sublimation, provides nice detail through a process that takes a printed substrate and transfers the ink via a heat press, but is very limited because the inks do not transfer deep into the fibers of the socks, just on the surface. For this reason, when you stretch a sublimated sock, it often looks faded or grainy because the white shows through from underneath. If you are concerned with this effect, beware, as it is one of the more common processes used in face and photo socks, but it is NOT one we use at boldSOCKS.With custom face socks and photo socks, it is important to note, the quality of the print is only as good as the quality of the photo. We do our best with the photos you provide, but if you are looking to create a great sock, review our standards guide before uploading a picture. Our designers review each photo and will send you an email if the photo is not satisfactory. If it looks good, they then clip out the faces/pictures, tweak the lighting, contrast and sharpness (if necessary) and send the file on to production, all within a couple days.In addition to the more standard repeating face designs, we offer some of the most unique custom face and photo socks on the market. Whether you are looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, Father’s Day gift, Christmas gift or just want to add a face to a famous piece of art, we’ve got you covered with fun sock designs. Check out all our great designs and feel free to send us more ideas.


Sometimes, a personal touch is all that is needed to create a great gift or wedding day surprise. That is why we offer the ability to customize almost all of our Statement Sockwear socks with a personalized print. We use a direct-to-garment printer that allows us to personalize hundreds of different socks with a monogram, text or date. Like our other printer, we print each sock in-house to ensure the highest quality print and placement of each custom design. The process requires the use of a light coat of pre-treat to help the inks better adhere into the fibers of the cotton socks. If you notice slight discoloration from the pre-treat, it will wash out.Note: We recommend washing the socks with cold water and air drying them because inks can fade (like a screen printed shirt), but we understand that not everyone air dries socks so we did our best to find the latest and greatest technology and inks that will last through lots of cycles of wash.