Custom Socks




In a time not so long ago, clothes were manufactured (or better yet, handcrafted) locally in small batches to meet the demand of the day. Now, clothes are shipped from all over the world in big shipping containers spending more time on the sea than in manufacturing facilities. It is safe to say, globalization is in full force and with it, big shipments of mass-market products from around the world.

This paradigm just doesn’t work for us. It doesn’t seem sustainable or profitable in the long run. We want to return to our roots. We want to once again manufacture custom socks in the Americas in smaller batches that meet your specific needs. We want to put a personal touch back into manufacturing and offer custom socks, not just tailored to you, but designed by you. We want to take modern technology and combine it with a bit of "Midwestern Nice” and “Southern Charm” to give you the best custom sock shopping experience on the planet.


And the great thing, you don’t have to compromise speed for service. We setup a better system that streamlines the approach. We've chosen a versatile color palette and designed some awesome templates that allow you quickly design the perfect socks for your needs.

Custom Knit Lead Times

With custom knit, you can make-your-own socks using our state-of-the-art sock customizer (dress sock builder coming soon) and visualize it on the spot, or if you are looking for something specific, you can work with a designer and get a more personal approach.

Typical lead times are 5-15 business days for orders of 60 pairs or less and 15-20 business days for orders of 60-144.  Feel free to reach out at for questions about your specific order or about the process.

Custom Print Lead Times

Custom print face socks and photo socks are even simpler, choose a template and upload a photo. The process is fast and easy and won’t leave you waiting days for a proof. Your images go to our designers immediately and are typically printed within 1-3 business days depending on demand (a warning message will show if it will take longer than 1-3 business days by the "Add to Cart" button). That's right, send us your picture and we will crop it, adjust it, cut out the background, add it to the template and get it printed within 1-3 business days. For larger custom print orders, lead times vary from 5-25 business days depending on the size of the order.