Argyle Style Guide




Argyle socks are incredibly versatile. Wear argyle as an everyday staple, class it up for a wedding with matching argyle groomsmen socks or go old school with some over-the-calf argyle socks that can be paired with golf shoes and plus four trousers.


The most common use of argyle socks is as a classic dress sock. Since argyle, or at least a variation of the now contemporary argyle design, has been around for hundreds of years, it’s become a long-established, time-honored style. What used to be a show of rebellion, is now a widely accepted staple of men’s fashion and clothing. Argyle is best paired with a nice suit or dress pants and Oxford leather shoes. It adds a pop of color that either matches or complements the rest of the outfit. Argyle dress socks provide versatility in a wardrobe because they can span from subtly stylish to outrageously bold.

Example of Red Argyle Dress Socks with Oxford Shoes


A growing trend is the use of colorful socks, and more specifically colorful argyle socks, in weddings. It makes total sense. Weddings are planned down to the finest details. Flowers, table settings, bridesmaid dresses, ties — all perfectly coordinated to create an elegant, once-in-a-lifetime event.The guys are dressed nicely in suits or tuxedos with a tie, bow tie or suspenders, but what about the socks? At a very minimum, all the guys should be wearing matching socks, even if they are black, navy, gray or brown, but a pop of color in argyle groomsmen socks brings the entire outfit together and helps coordinate the wedding party. Whether the socks add another great picture opportunity for the guys, a pop of color on the dance floor, a wedding party favor or gift idea prior to the wedding or just a sentimental gift to the groom on the biggest day of his life, argyle socks are a great touch for any wedding. We’ve perfectly matched just about every major wedding color in the industry. Whether you are looking for burgundy, coral, mint or less known colors like wisteria, capri or sage, we have a growing number or argyle wedding socks and wedding kits that are sure to add a touch of elegance to the groom, groomsmen, ushers and even junior groomsmen.

Example of Coral Navy Argyle Socks from boldSOCKS


In the 1920’s, the Duke of Windsor forever changed the argyle sock by wearing over-the-calf argyle socks with plus four trousers. It was a statement in men’s leisurewear that excited a population and encouraged men everywhere to go bold. The trend in leisurewear (and now in formalwear) has not since disappeared. Over-the-calf argyle socks continue to be a fashion statement on the golf course, even when not worn with plus four trousers.


The rules of argyle socks are that there are no rules. Rules change. Rules evolve. And, just like the 18th century when argyle (at that time tartan) was a symbol or rebellion, rules are meant to be broken. In the last decade, the rules of dress socks have changed so many times that it is hard to argue that there were ever any rules to begin with.

We’ve always believed that being bold is about being you. If you want to mismatch argyle socks because it says something about you, do it. If you want to stay up with the latest bold trends because it says something about you, do it. Be you.

Instead of asking what are the rules of argyle socks, perhaps the better question is what are the different ways argyle socks can be worn? To explain, we will use our bold, bolder and boldest framework.

For a bold look, try using argyle socks to supplement a color in your outfit. It is not about finding the perfect match, but rather adding a color that may not already exist into your wardrobe. For example, if you are wearing a variety of shades of blue (blue suit with a white or light blue shirt and a plaid blue pocket square), try supplementing that look with red or orange argyle socks. It will just add a subtle pop to your wardrobe.

For a bolder look, try matching the primary color in the argyle sock with the primary color of a shirt, tie, bow tie, suspenders or even belt. If you can match the secondary color of the argyle socks (navy, gray, black or brown) to the pants, even better. The bolder look is a coordinated look and the argyle socks bring everything together.

For the boldest look, go wild. Try anything from mismatched socks to funky, multicolored argyle socks. Let your mood be the guide for the day and don’t try to match the mood of the socks to the mood of the rest of your wardrobe. You are free to be the boldest person you can be.


We wouldn’t even answer this question if it weren’t for countless blog articles trying to make a splash in the fashion scene by saying argyle socks are no longer in style. Argyle socks were popular in the 1920’s and just about every decade since. A great article by the Vintage Dancer shows the evolution of the dress sock. Notice in almost every ad in every decade that argyle socks were a prominent staple of men’s dress socks. Argyle is a classic design. It’s like asking “Is denim in style?" At times, it’s more popular and less popular, but the fact of the matter is, people keep wearing denim. Argyle is the same way. It is a classic design that will be used more and less subtly at times throughout history, but it continues to be worn because it is iconic.

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